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Welcome to Perks Pilates

Susanne Perks, the founder of Perks Pilates, is a former international gymnast. She was first introduced to Pilates as part of her injury rehabilitation at an early age. Although she has worked in desk-based corporate roles for many years , Exercise - and Pilates - has always played a key role in Susanne's life.

Having experienced the benefits of Pilates herself, Susanne decided to train as a Body Control Pilates teacher and work with others to enable them to enjoy these benefits too. She is inspired by working with clients to unlock their movement potential, strengthen their bodies from within and restore body confidence, regardless of their initial level of fitness. With a positive and supportive teaching style, Susanne provides clients with the knowledge and awareness they need to achieve results and enjoy the benefits of Pilates in their day- to- day lives.

As a Body Control Pilates teacher, Susanne continually updates her skills and keeps abreast of new developments in the Pilates world. She also is a Reps registered certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. Susanne recently qualified with the Pink Ribbon programme. A Pilates-based Recovery Program for the breast cancer patient.

Perks Pilates provides group mat classes and private sessions in Milton, Sutton Courtenay Long Wittenham and surrounding areas.


Pilates can give you

  • A stronger, healthier back
  • A toned and mobile body
  • A flatter stomach
  • Suppler, more flexible joints
  • Leaner, longer and strong muscles
  • Better posture
  • A sense of calm, fitness and well-being

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